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Professional Real Estate

Inspection Certification Associates

Cert #13742

Inter-NACHI Home Inspectors


Commercial Property Inspection 

#EDU 0000-9236-83


Crawlspace Inspection Certification

#EDU 0000-9244-17

Infrared Certification


Federal Aviation Drone Permit


5. Appliances

     . Dishwasher

     . Food Waste Disposal

     . Range Hood & Exhaust Systems 

     . Ranges, Cooktops & Ovens

     . Microwave Ovens (Attached)

     . Mechanical Exhaust Vents

     . Bathroom Heaters

     . Garage Door Operators

     . Dryer Exhaust Systems


Waht gets Inspected?

1. Structural Systems

     . Foundation

     . Grading & Drainage

     . Roof Covering Materials 

     . Roof Structure & Attics

     . Walls (Interior & Exterior)

     . Ceilings & Floors

     . Doors (Interior & Exterior)

     . Windows

     . Stairways (Interior & Exterior)

     . Fireplace & Chimney

     . Porches, Patios, Balconies, Decks & Carports

     . Crawlspace And More

2. Electrial Systems

     . Service Entrance & Panels

     . Branch Circuits, Connected Devices & Fixtures

3. Heating, Ventilation & A/C Systems

     . Heating Equipment

     . Cooling Equipment

     . Ducts Systems, Chases & Vents

4. Plumbing Systems

     . Plumbing Supply, Distribution Systems & Fixtures

     . Drains, Waste & Vents 

     . Water Heating Equipment 

     . Gas Distribution Systems

     . Main Water Pressure

     . Water Temperature

Trusted and Certified Home Inspection

As professional home inspectors, we strive to properly service our clients. We are certified to meet and exceed requirements in identify a home or building’s condition and safety. CSI home inspection inspectors carry the appropriate insurance and home inspection certifications.

CSI home Inspection’s in-depth inspection process includes a comprehensive visual examination of the property’s physical structure and mechanical systems. It covers all the main areas of concern, from basement to rooftop, and our inspections and reports surpass the government requirements. Our inspection report is a detailed written report complete with photos on the property - not just a checklist, and include conclusions and recommendations based on our inspections. We also include supplementary material to help illustrate why a problem is a problem or how to prevent a problem.


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Moisture Intrusion Certification

#EDU 0000-9389-45


Exterior Inspection Certification

#EDU 0000-9321-17

Appliance Inspection Certification

#EDU 0000-9350-34

HVAC System Inpsection Certification

#EDU 0000-9340-69

Fireplace,Stove & Chimney Certification

#EDU 0000-9217-09

Professional Cetificate & Permit

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